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The Proposal Finesse 

About the planners

When it comes to the ideation and storytelling of the proposal, Catherine is your mastermind. With her background in filming and art directing, the flow of your story will be executed deliberately to a near perfection. Being confident and empathic, Catherine knows the perfect recipe to touch a woman's heart. 

Catherine Lee
Proposal Planner, Co-owner
Rachael Wong
Proposal Planner, Co-owner

Rachael may have a bubbly personality, but it's her no nonsense attitude that gets all the nitty-gritty job done. Rachael by profession is a wedding planner, her skill to handle people and her intuitive personality helped many proposals overcome unprecedented situations and carry out the event as planned even with some challenges. Rachael has planned hundreds of weddings, her connections are helpful in making your proposal a reality.

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