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Client Says

Dixon + Vickie

Dixon + Vickie

Everyone in the Knot For Two (KFT) is amazing! They assisted me in putting together an unforgettable proposal for my now fiancé, and they were extremely helpful and patient as I tried to get it set up from Hong Kong. 

After months of planning, the KFT made my vision came true. Not only did they do wonderfully, but everyone hired for the event as well did an awesome job. Apart from being professional about everything they did, it seemed as if we all became friends through the months of preparation. And after all was said and done it seemed like we were bidding farewell to friends instead of proposal planners.


Highly recommend the KFT for your proposal needs! 

Dic + Pauline | Knot For Two
Jie + Mei Li | Knot For Two

Ling Ming + Khai Xian

KnotForTwo has given me ideas and suggestions when I needed them. Working closely alongside Catherine & Rachael, they have helped to make my proposal a meaningful & special one. My partner & I are very satisfied with their ideas & plannings.

Aldon + Chloe

It has always been nerve wracking when it comes to the moment when popping the big question to your significant half. I always wanted to give her a marriage proposal that is both meaningful and unforgettable. That’s why we are beyond grateful to be able to meet KnotForTwo for this journey!


During the months of planning, Rachael and Catherine have shown their professionalism on how to coordinate and arrange every stage based on our previous discussion. Since my marriage proposal involved multiple venues before the ultimate stage on popping the final big question, for the arrangement particularly the timing at each venue is definitely crucial in order to ensure a good progress. Both of them have also provided many professional advises based on their rich experiences and also brainstormed lots of surprising elements to enhance and bring my proposal up to a next exciting yet unforgettable level.


For the post video production, we are really pleased and satisfied for the skilful editing and quality as they are indeed impressive, the team was able to accommodate to our requests perfectly. Once again, thank you Rachel, Catherine and the team for making this a memorable one for me and my fiancé.

Dic + Pauline | Knot For Two
Kean + Sheela | Knot For Two

Justin + Mimi

Thanks everyone for the effort been a pleasure liasing with you two!

Keat Lim + Phey Yee

It's always been an exciting and nerve wracking experience when you're finally ready to pop the big question. I wanted to give my loved one a simple but heartwarming and meaningful marriage proposal. KnotForTwo puts forward a proposal idea that involves close family members which I thought it was brilliant! 

The team assisted me to create a voice-over video with my confession of love, provided their professional advices, recced venues, arranged hand bouquets & balloons, hired cinematographers, coordinated rehearsals and proposal rundown with my family members. It was a smooth sailing proposal! Can't thank them enough for putting in so much efforts to make my marriage proposal a success! The post video production was impressive too! Thank you, Catherine and the team!

Dic + Pauline | Knot For Two
Jie + Mei Li
Jie + Mei Li | Knot For Two

Jie + Mei Li

Knot for two combines the best of two individuals that brings   unique yet coherent ideas to make any event a success Rachael with her boundless energy and enthusiasm blends well with Catherine's methodological thoughts and creativity. On top of that, they have a seamless partnership with their vendors and associates that makes any impossible task possible.

Knot for Two has made my proposal a success that is memorable to not only  both my partner and myself but also to all in attendance. They have exceptionally high standards for themselves and strive to achieve perfection in all aspects.

To conclude, if you are looking for a one-of-a-lifetime, customised and memorable experience. Look no further. Rachael and Catherine will meet your expectations and much more.

Dic + Pauline

We knew that we will be together for the rest of our lives but I wanted something special for Pauline. I must say Knot for Two team has done exactly how I wished to happen, couldn't have done it without you guys.


Thank you ladies!

Dic + Pauline | Knot For Two
Kean + Sheela | Knot For Two

Kean + Sheela

We are extremely happy about the outcome. Thank you Rachael + Catherine for your hard work in planning this proposal. It's so meaningful to us. Thank you for you and your team's hard work and we really appreciate your efforts to make this important moment a success. 

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