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Jie-Mei Li Plan-On-Plan | Marriage Proposal

What if you have a highly intelligent, exceptionally sharp and sensible girlfriend, how would you go about to propose to her? What if she is able to sense that something fishy is going on with you, and when she finds out, whatever you’ve been planning for might be poured down the drain, from big surprises to no more surprises!

The Challenge

This was a challenge! In order gain zero suspicion and to retain 100% of amazement, Jie and the KFT team came up with a PLAN on PLAN to perfect Jie’s marriage proposal to Mei Li.

We first got Mei Li to believe that her best friend Kat’s boyfriend Mic from the UK will be proposing on this evening, but of course, she didn’t know it was all staged.

Here’s the relationship diagram.

The master plan started 3 months before the actual event. Kat had since updated Mei Li about her romantic relationship with her long-distance boyfriend Mic and was made to believe she was ready to tie the knot with Mic. As days went by, the news about Mic's plans on a proposal to Kat had become a reality, and Mei Li was thrilled and happy for Kat.

The Planning

On the big day, the KFT team arranged two proposal venues: One is filled with beautiful helium balloons in the restaurant for the staged proposal; another venue is a room decorated with a walkway of lit candles and a huge cherry blossom tree adorn with romantic twinkly fairy lights at the Orchid Conservatory room - for the real deal!

The decorators was put in a panic induced situation where the time to set up the area was so limited due to the Orchid Conservatory room was still under operation with tea-time goers still enjoying their evening tea. Nonetheless, the team managed to set it up within the stipulated time.

We have kept the entire plan so real that we even have a fake interview session with all of Kat’s good friends (including Mei Li) to give their good wishes to the soon-to-be-bride.

Unknowingly, Mei Li was delighted for Kat and was anticipating to witness her friend say “yes”. Until she was brought into a dark room, greeted with a signage - “Hi Bao Bei” (Hi dearest), that’s when she realised she was the actual protagonist.

The Video

Months before the actual event, the KFT team and Jie had teamed up with Mei Li's families to create a comedic video depict Jie’s fail attempts to get approval from her father with the song Rude by Magic as the background. After a successful last attempt, he finally got blessings from her parents. The video shows him running his way into the hotel where the actual event was taking place.

There she was in the dark orchid room...

standing by the great big tree when Jie kneels down and proposed to her.

Mei Li said "Yes!"

The Family & Friends

Cheers to the success of the proposal Jie and Mei Li's friends and family as they too, were part of this big surprise that

It was a success as Jie and the KFT team managed to keep our surprise till the very last minute!

Watch Jie-Mei Li full marriage proposal video here:

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