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Kean + Sheela | Marriage Proposal

We always try to find something new to keep life exciting, discovering unvisited places together or engage in new experiences to create a memorable adventure with your partner.

But what though? Bungee jumping perhaps? Skydiving? Be on a private jet? Sail away in a fancy yacht? Or hop on a helicopter ride?

All or nothing

Being the decent guy that he is, he is also the type that loves a good quality time with his loved ones. When Kean met us for the first time, he had no idea how he would propose to his girlfriend - Sheela, but he was ready to give his all, and he wanted a memorable yet unique marriage proposal for the love of his life.

We quickly put on our thinking hat and find something that is intimate and exciting for the both of them. The next thing we know, we were in contact with an airline company choosing a suitable helicopter for him (and wow we didn’t know there were so many types of helicopter!). There forward we plan an umbrella proposal on the helipad!

The Plan

Kean set a casual date with Sheela telling her that they were going to do something unusual. To her surprise, she was invited to Subang Skypark Terminal. Yup, not your usual date location we suppose.

1, 2, Action!

Off they fly away as soon as the captain explained all safety measures, and that’s when our action begun

On the ground, the KFT team coordinated with the other members and quickly gather everyone at the helipad. Time was very critical at this point because we had to be ready and be on standby when the helicopter comes to sight.

Up Above

As the helicopter took off, Sheela was thrilled and joy was all over her face.

While they were enjoying the magnificent KL aerial view, Sheela spotted a group of people holding red umbrellas, she nudged Kean to look. The group of people unfolds a giant sign on the ground that reads “Marry me?”. Little did she know that the important question was meant for her. The umbrellas opened and a huge red heart shape was formed.

Kean made it!

It was a delightful and successful day for the couple and the KFT team. Surprises after surprises, we felt so much of satisfaction through the tears and laughter from Sheela, with that we knew we’ve made it!

View Kean-Sheela full marriage proposal here:

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