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Lye-Caryn Love in Abundance | Marriage Proposal

When two people who are in love, whose career, relationship and age have reached a certain maturity level, what do they look for in a marriage proposal? We put ourselves in Lye and Caryn’s shoes and this was a pretty tough question.

We can’t say for sure how many chances a person miss out in a lifetime, but Lye knows for sure that this is that one opportunity he will never let it pass by. The both of them have gone through so much in their past, but fate had shed some lights on their path to find one another and guided them to take on a second chance.

We learn about this love story and it touched our hearts, and sincerity and affirmation are what Caryn needs. On this wonderful day, the team set up the proposal venue on an open roof deck on the 23rd floor. The fairy lights bling as bright as the stars on that night, shining over the memories they’ve shared together, with a beautiful bouquet and an exquisite engagement ring waiting to be put on. Lye hopes this sincerity is well expressed that her unconditional love and compromises for him are very much appreciated; he vows to love her now and his entire remaining lifetime.

The Plan

Lye was interrupted by a phone call and walked away in a middle of the candlelight dinner with Caryn. Without Lye by her side, Caryn was later informed that a surprise was waiting for her.

This dinner date turned into a surprise birthday party! Lye also had her parents come all the way from Penang to join this important occasion and surprised her with a birthday cake. Friends and family were cheering with joy as she opens the lid of the cake reads “Will you marry him?”.

Lye’s children then presented words on a signboard written - “Mommy”.

At this instance, Lye appeared from the corner and serenaded a song by Leslie Chung “This Life”- a song perfectly describes his inner feelings towards Caryn, this woman that he loves so very much.

He kneels down and the moment she nodded her head, everyone cheered with joy and gave their best wishes to both of them.

It's a sure "Yes!".

Another successful night and happy beginning! View Lye-Caryn full marriage proposal video here:

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