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What finger should the proposal ring be placed on? | by Knot For Two

A proposal ring, often referred to as an engagement ring, is a special piece of jewelry that is typically given by one partner to another as a symbol of their commitment and intention to marry.

Many people in today's society are curious about the precise finger that will hold the engagement ring, especially all the males who want to pop the big question. But don’t worry, there are no right and wrong to this matter, I beg to differ. The engagement ring could neither be on the middle finger nor the fourth finger.

Middle Finger – According to tradition, a girl should wear an engagement ring on her left middle finger to show that she is engaged. Wearing the ring, which symbolizes the sacred status of loves and brings the two people closer together, makes them happy since the ring finger is the one on both hands that is closest to the heart among the 10 fingers and has a blood vessel leading directly to the heart.

Fourth Finger – The engagement or proposal ring is traditionally placed on the fourth finger of the left hand. This finger is commonly referred as the “ring finger.” The tradition of wearing the engagement ring on the left hand’s ring finger dates back centuries and is believed to be connected to the ancient belief that this finger has a vein, often called the “vein of love “that leads directly to heart.

As a planner, we have observed many couples who wear their engagement rings on different fingers both before and after being engaged. According to our perspective and experience, the engagement ring should go on the middle finger and the marriage ring should go on the fourth finger of our left hand. Therefore, each and every one of us have ten fingers, and two of them are regarded as lucky and signify the happiness in our relationships. But to me what’s most important is the symbolism and significance of the ring to you and your partner.

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