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The first proposal planner in Malaysia

About the planners

About the planners

The Proposal Finesse 

It takes creativity and guts to pull off a marriage proposal to someone special, that someone you want to spend the rest of your life with, and you know it's never a simple task.

Hand the job to the experts.

Meet the masterminds,

Rachael + Catherine.

Sucessful proposals

The Proposal

Successful Proposal Stories

Jie's Big Plan-on-Plan

In order gain zero suspicion and to retain 100% of amazement, Jie and the Knot for Two team came up with a PLAN on PLAN to perfect Jie’s marriage proposal to Mei Li.


How to engage us


How to engage us

Marriage proposal happens only once in a lifetime. We are committed to make it right for you. Our services includes conceptualising and management, capturing the moments your proposal in full HD video.

Meet up

Budget Confirmation



Finalise Plan

The Proposal

Your Story

Behind the big plan

Read about your favourite proposal here. Take a walk in our shoes.


Jie + Mei Li

Knot for two combines the best of two individuals that brings unique yet coherent ideas to make any event a success

Rachael with her boundless energy and enthusiasm enthusiasm blends well with Catherine's... read more


Client says...

Dixon + Vickie

Apart from being professional about everything they did, it seemed as if we all became friends through the months of preparation. And after all was said and done it seemed like we were bidding farewell to friends instead of... read more.

Kean + Sheela

We are extremely happy about the outcome. Thank you Rachael + Catherine for your hard work in planning this proposal. It's so meaningful to us.

Client says
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