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Event Crisis: 8 Tips That Helped Planners Get Back On Track | by Knot For Two

Realistically, sudden occurrences may happen in any event. A planner’s ability to be responsive and resilient in this situation is fundamental. This compels the planner to stay calm and collected, then quickly respond to the various situations, subsequently analyze, judge, and determine countermeasures. Although the planner has made his best and most comprehensive measures before the event, he has to be psychologically prepared for any crisis to come during the event.

As proposal planners, we often encounter sudden situations. Besides being able to resolve the issue timely, we must also be able to make early preventions.

(1) Weather affecting outdoor events - Imagine this breathtaking romantic scene under the majestic evening skies, here you are all prepared to make a life-changing moment when you propose to the love of your life. Needless to say, mother nature’s plan might not come your way. Often, we encounter unpredictable weather halfway through the arrangement and made it impossible not to retreat, having no choice but to relocate to a second site in a nerve-racking limited time.

Therefore, when planning on outdoor locations, there must be two preparations (Plan A & Plan B) in all aspects, especially with venue that is set for detail layout and decorations, and critical choices will have to be made on the spot if Plan B is required.

(2) Technical problem – What happens when you realized that the devices used are unsupported in the actual setting?

There were times the projector facility provided by the venue is not well-matched with different laptops supplied by us or our client. Luckily, we always manage to find a way. To be safe, it is necessary to understand the compatibility of various tools before the event. More importantly, it is necessary to arrive at the site early for the test run so that there is enough time to solve it.

(3) Inevitable factors – So, you made the plan way ahead of time, but just realised another event is taking place on the same day at the same time just weeks before the event, and this is something you couldn’t change. Now what?

There was once we encountered Earth Hour in the hotel where lights will be turned off for half an hour, affecting our initial plan. As a planner, the only thing we can do at this point is to work around it to honour this celebratory day, at the same time using this reason to create something else.

(4) The unexpected happened! Stay calm – Many things can happen during the real event, so remember to stay calm and collected to solve issues.

Time delay, for example, will affect the next plan, which may then cause family and friends to be nervous and impatient. Besides handling the alterations of the plan, we also have to appease their emotions. Also, sometimes the envisioned plan differs from actual event, it is necessary to calmly re-adjust to match the expectations.

(5) Limited time for preparation – Occasionally, having time is luxury, and when we don’t, we have to be quick, like super quick!

Time is very limited, we need a lot of time to do layout, rehearsal, test run, etc. In this regard where time is of essence, we need the all parties’ cooperation with the planner. Once, we completed a decoration set up in two-hours of what normally would take four-hours to complete! In addition to mobilizing workers to suit the time, we had to arrange twice as many people as before to get the job done.

(6) Clear briefing – Communication with every single staff has to be very clear and understandable, especially for those who will be involved with the protagonist.

Take for example the waitress at the restaurant, she is suppose to greet the protagonist and check her reservation, then usher her to the designated seat where the video recorders have been placed, and then taking her order. Unfortunately, that one time the waitress told the protagonist that there were no reservation under her name. The situation didn’t seem right and we immediately get the person in charge to tackle the problem swiftly and get the flow back on track. Phew! Close one.

(7) There must be a backup - Many suitors choose to learn a new skill to impress and surprise his lover during the proposal like singing and dancing, in which, many lost it in the process due to nervousness and stage fright. Experience tells us we must arrange a professional musician or dancer to standby as backup on the spot.

(8) The reaction not as expected – The plan is perfect but the after-effect is not.

What if the protagonist missed out the small yet vital clue on the proposal? What if she hesitates or have no response after the suitor pops to question? Although these are unexpected things, we can try to prepare for the best beforehand. Notify the guests of what is expected to happen so that they could give a hint about the missing clue if it is missed. And if the girl hesitates whether if she is going to say yes, this may be because the proposal experience or content of the suitor’s proposal is not moving or sincere enough, we will have to further assist the suitor in creating a realistic yet touching proposal.

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