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The Perfect Moon | by Knot For Two

The moon has often been associated with love in literature, poetry, and romantic symbolism. In literature and cultural symbolism, the moon has been linked to love and relationships in myriad ways. While these associations are subjective and open to interpretation, many couples find beauty and meaning in the connection between the moon and their love for one another, using it as a source of inspiration and romantic symbolism in their relationship.

The moon symbolizes the light that love brings into our lives. Just as the moon brightens the night, love has the power to brighten our darkest moments, and bring warmth to two individuals as mentioned. Moon has so served as one of the decorations for Knot For Two's proposals. As a result, Knot For Two has used the moon as a primary decorative element in some of our concepts to complement the setting. Additionally, according to Knot For Two, we believe that the moon is a symbol of mooncake festivities, which take place in September. The moon is used as a decoration during the Mooncake Festival because it symbolizes love, unity, and togetherness, which are central themes of the festival. The moon's embellishments are incredibly luminous and aglow. In a different way, Moon decorations, with their fascinating and celestial appeal, can indeed bring happiness and joy to people as well. Therefore, moon decorations are appropriate for use in nature such as beaches, on rooftops, or in gardens because they blend in with the surroundings.

Knot For Two has done several moon decorations setup for our client’s proposal. One of the setups is by creating a stunning moon backdrop as the focal point. We use a large crescent printed moon backdrop with a realistic moon surface image as a centerpiece of the backdrop. Besides, we have also set up a moon-shaped arch, either as a cutout or a printed design. Decorate the moon with flowers in various shades and sizes to create a stunning floral moon and place it in the middle of the entire decorations.

Moon is more than merely a word. It is as strong as its "I love you to the moon and back" phrase – Sam McBratney.“I love you to the moon and back" is a symbolic expression of love that conveys depth, infinity, and unwavering commitment. It captures the idea that love can be boundless and limitless, just as the moon appears to be in the night sky. This phrase has become a touching and cherished way for people to express their profound love and affection for one another.

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