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99 Roses Bouquet or Not? | by Knot For Two

The act of proposing marriage is a deeply personal and significant moment in a couple's journey. It's a declaration of love, commitment, and a promise to share a life together. As society has evolved, so have the traditions and expectations surrounding marriage proposals. One such tradition that has gained attention is the idea of presenting a grand bouquet of 99 roses during the proposal. But is this extravagant gesture necessary? Let's delve into the sentiment behind the grand gesture and consider its implications.

The Symbolism of Roses

Roses have long been associated with love, passion, and romance. The number 99 itself carries connotations of forever, eternal love, and longevity. Therefore, a 99-rose bouquet can be seen as a symbolic representation of an unending commitment and an everlasting bond between two individuals.

Personalization and Thoughtfulness

Because a bouquet of 99 roses is so large and heavy, approximately above and below 20kg. We must consider a girl's height and weight before ordering one. For instance, if a female is low in stature, the 99-rose bouquet might obstruct her. Besides, will a girl listening to your vows while holding a bouquet of 99 roses feel comfortable? Therefore, you must take into account whether your partner is able to carry it and enjoy it throughout the proposal or either place the 99 bouquet of roses on the ground.

Quality Over Quantity

Rather than focusing solely on the quantity of roses, it might be more meaningful to emphasize the quality of the gesture. A single red rose accompanied by heartfelt words can carry just as much weight as an elaborate bouquet. The true essence of a marriage proposal lies in the sincerity and depth of emotions expressed, rather than the material grandeur. Consequently, you must select a flower arrangement that your partner would adore.

Lifestyle and Practice

Proposing marriage is about embarking on a lifelong journey together. Keep it in mind, it’s essential to be mindful of the financial implications of extravagant spending. For instance, compared to 99 bouquets of roses, a typical bouquet of roses is more practical. You may flashback on important occasions such as Valentine’s Day or 520. Think about giving your partner a lavish arrangement of flowers, or just a regular one? As a result, you must purchase the flower bouquet in accordance with your practice.

Ultimately, the decision to present a 99-bouquet of roses during a marriage proposal is a deeply personal one. While the gesture carries undeniable symbolism and can be a stunning spectacle, it's important to remember that the heart of a proposal lies in the emotions, intentions, and authenticity behind it. Whether it's a single rose or a grand bouquet, what truly matters is the love and commitment that a couple shares as they embark on their journey of marriage together.

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