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When the whole world knows the truth, but not you| by Knot For Two

Knot For Two just made a truly intriguing yet surprising proposal this time around. They go by the names Jack and Szu Xi. Jack is someone who genuinely understands Szu Xi and is aware of her passions and likes. As a result, it is beneficial and important for all men to have a deeper understanding of their significant partners because doing so will enable the planner to craft an effective surprise notion for a successful proposal. Therefore, he disclosed to us that Szu Xi loves eating. Food is incredibly essential to us since, as you probably already know, practically all females enjoy eating, and studies show that 25% of women think about food every thirty minutes. Szu Xi loves eating, whether it is fast food, regional cuisine, or fancy dining, so this shouldn't come as a surprise. We then developed the idea of food tasting events in answer to Jack's, which led to the creation of the proposal.

We were considering all of the options to ensure that Szu Xi would attend as soon as the idea of food tasting crossed our minds. Since it was difficult to organise the entire proposal while simultaneously hiding all the lies in order for this food tasting to occur, we have been taking a few weeks to sort it out. There were a few difficulties we ran into when organising our food tasting idea. As a planner, it is our responsibility to conduct venue research for proposals. For instance, we look for restaurants, hotels, and event spaces to check if the proposed event is feasible and within the client's budget. Additionally, another obstacle for this food tasting shooting is the food. We were thinking about holding the proposal in an event space, but the catering would require excellent food. The purpose of choosing a getaway combination café, called Happi Village, a Go-Green and Nature Retreat, as opposed to another option, is to experience the surroundings while enjoying the food. However, it does not prevent us from holding these food tasting events even though it is challenging.

As a result, the strategy involves enlisting the aid of Szu Xi's bestie to arrange for her attendance at these alleged "Food Tasting Events Shooting." In addition, Szu Xi typically enjoys dressing casually, but her best friend, who is an influencer, suggested to wear dresses on the day of the meal tasting so that the photography would produce more attractive images. Not only that, they even dress in a white floral theme, which complement the surroundings and the food tasting. Therefore, we developed the concept of food tasting occasions with complimentary overnight accommodations. Who wouldn't want free meals and lodging, am I right? Due to her love of food and her decision to travel, Szu Xi has promised to attend.

Szu Xi showed up on the day of the proposal with a group of her best friends. The next step is to complete some simple registration, form completing, and a briefing. Next proceed with the food tasting by shooting, savoring, and providing feedback between bites. A few photographers and videographers are on spots to shoot photos and videos, and a chef is present to discuss the cuisine's contents, giving the scenario the appearance of being a true professional food tasting event.

She hasn't yet realized that Jack is going to propose to her. She seemed to be eating contentedly and savoring every bite. After the food tasting shooting was finished, we had planned a retreat tour. The proposal chamber is in the glass building to the left of us as we tour the facility. Szu Xi was shocked and stunned when she saw Jack standing in the middle of the entire décor as we were passing by and opening the door for her. She had not even anticipated that today would be the day for the proposal.

Overall, the proposal was a huge success. Also, a big thank you to the bestie who helped Szu Xi get dressed up and believed in the food tasting shooting events. I believe Szu Xi will remember the proposal for the rest of her life since she won't forget what transpired on the proposal day. The entire concept caught her off guard, and she had the impression that she was the movie's main role. The proposal exceeded our expectations and was easy to implement.

Last but not least, it was all a joke; only the commitment and vow are genuine throughout.

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